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Training Modules

Are you a new Keystone First VIP Choice (HMO-SNP) provider or do you need a quick refresher about how to work with our plan? Learn more about the Keystone First VIP Choice dual eligible special needs plan (D-SNP) by using our training modules on the topics below. You can download a PDF version of each module to print and review at your own pace, or watch one of our videos to view, listen to, and follow along with the training.


Program overview

This overview covers all modules for a complete understanding of our plan.


Learn about filing claims for Keystone First VIP Choice.

D-SNP benefits

Use this quick guide to learn more about D-SNP benefits.

Disability competency training

This module provides important tips and reminders for working with a diverse population.


Learn how members are eligible for Keystone First VIP Choice.

Prior authorization and organization determination

Learn about what requires prior authorization and how our prior authorization process works.

Provider resources

Get quick highlights about the various resources we offer our providers.